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I feel just a little lost…

So its been 25 days since we ran the OBX Marathon. Our first of hopefully many more to come. Since then I’ve ran another half marathon and signed up for several 10ks and a 50k in the next few months. I really didn’t take much of a break after the marathon. Well I actually took three days off if you call that a break. I did take a week off the Turkey Trot Half Marathon I ran on the 23rd of November. Now that I’ve been back to running this weekend I feel a little lost.

For the last four or five months it seemed that my plan guided me from one run to the next. Now that I don’t have a plan in front of my I’m not really sure what to make of it. At first it was kind of nice to be able to just run what you wanted to run at whatever pace you wanted to run at. But now part of me misses that structure I had.

This year I’ve been kind of brutal with my body. Tearing a calf muscle, pulling a hamstring, a TFCC tear in my wrist, and all those many miles. 1020 so far this year… but who’s counting? So now is the time that I should be figuring out a good rest cycle to help my body heal up a bit. But somehow I signed up for a 50k shortly after the new year.

A 50 kilometer run would equal roughly 31.0686 miles according to the google machine. That’s about 5ish miles longer than that marathon I ran in November that I didn’t come close to my time “goal” on. What would cause a human being to sign up for such a thing? A good deal! That’s right the NC Fat Ass 50k held on the All American Trail on Fort Bragg, NC on the 25th of January is free! I fat ass event is a race that isn’t sponsored, or timed, or even supported by anyone other than a few volunteers. Race times are recorded by the participants on the honor system.

I don’t know about you, but that just seemed like the perfect opportunity to enter the Ultra Marathon World. Part of me hopes that by getting my old body accustomed to running longer than 26.2 miles it will make a marathon seem like cake. Well I’ve got 50 days to get by butt into shape. Time to get unlost and get a training plan on track.