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5 mile Saturday!

Today starts the first weekend of our training plan. After our Friday off of running I was glad to lace up my running shoes and hit the pavement. Our run route of choice today was our neighborhood. Two laps around the subdivision was exactly five miles. We managed to avoid the rain but with all the humidity in the air I looked like I survived a tropical storm. What didn’t help todays activity was this thing called a “cheat day”. A poor excuse for a steak sandwich for lunch just sat at the bottom of my gut the whole run. I guess I should be glad it stayed put the whole run. We are trying to eat healthy Sunday through Friday and then go a little crazy on Saturdays. I think I will be a little more careful in the future with my food choices. Cheat days are supposed to be fun and exciting. The pizza I had topped full of greasy meaty goodness made up for my earlier failure at lunch. The true test will be tomorrow morning. Sundays are our scheduled LSD runs… and just in case your wondering… that stands for Long, Slow, Distance. Week ones LSD run is a 8 mile run. We are going to go to the Cape Fear River Trail and meet up with some other running friends in the morning. The CFRT is a 4 mile paved trail that goes between Clark Park in the south end and the Jordan Soccer Complex to the north. On the north end of the trail there is 3 nice hills that are always a joy to traverse. This is why we plan on starting at the south end so the hills are in the middle of our run and not at the end. I plan on playing around with fuel gels on tomorrows run. So far of the gels I’ve tried I think I like the GU brand. They seem to digest with no drama while running. Mid race fueling is one thing that I need do some more research on. Well my alarm is going to go off in about 6 hours. Goodnight and I’ll see you on the trail tomorrow.