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About to be left handed for awhile!

Today is the last day in the ninth month of the this year. Today is also a Monday, the first day of week thirteen of our training plan. What I hadn’t planned on was that today is the day I will be having my little repair done to my wrist. Here in about ten minutes we will begin our journey to the surgery center where hopefully magic will happen. Although I can’t wait to get healed up and get back in the gym, I am just hoping this doesn’t have to much of an impact on my training. As of the last time I met with the surgeon, she said I could still train for the Marathon as long as I took a week off after the surgery. Hopefully after getting “opened” up she will feel the same way.

My attempt at being left handed should be quite comical.. well for Kelly at least. I bet typing with one hand will nice and slow. I really can’t think of one thing that I use just my left hand for… its either my right or both.

Well Kelly just said we need to get going. So here it goes…