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Day 1 of the next 18 Weeks

Welcome! Today is the beginning of several things and the continuation of others. Not only is this the first post on my attempt at a blog, but also day 1 of Marathon Training. Not going to bad since today being a Monday was a day off running. But before I get ahead of myself lets go back a little in time. My wife Kelly and I had just quit smoking (again) and in an desperate attempt at not falling off the wagon we decided to start running together and then joined a running club. Being an 18 year veteran of the Army, I have logged some miles over the years and Kelly had run on and off since running in high school, we figured that seemed to be the way to go to keep us from starting smoking again. Well let’s just say that we are both hooked. It has now been a year since either of us has smoked and we are ready to start the next adventure… training up to run 26.2 miles or as some refer to as a Marathon. Which brings us to this blog and what we are doing here. I will admit this is more for me than for anyone else. Hopefully I can share some lessons learned either of what to do or what not to do. But at the end of the day this is my way of recording the journey from now till… well I guess we will just have to see. The training plan we will be using is modified from Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Marathon Training Guide. 

We have signed up for the Harrisburg Half Marathon on September 8th (9 weeks away) and the Outer Banks Marathon on November 10th (18 weeks away). These two races mark both the halfway and end of this next little adventure or as I refer to it… 2013 the year of the Marathon.

So on to today’s training. We did a short leg and abs workout and then took the bikes for a little 5 mile spin around the neighborhood. Seems a little strange to have day 1 of a Marathon Training Plan to not include running, but lets roll with it.