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Day 9 and training from Jordan Lake State Park

So here we are at Jordan Lake State Park and I have to say we have had perfect weather. The water was a little cool from all the rain we have been getting lately. It was nice to get out this morning and put a few miles in on a completely new course. I kind of wish the “planned” run was a little longer than 3 miles. But, you’ve got to stick to the plan… Or so “they” say. To change things up a bit I ran with my Merrell Bare Access 2’s. They are a zero drop minimalist shoe with some padding along the entire foot. Most days I run with a shoe that has a 4mm drop. One day I hope to completely transition all my run to minimalist running. We ran a mile and a half out and then back. The route from our campsite was a blacktop road that curved with small rolling hills. As I ran along this road with the early morning sun peaking over the tree tops a young deer lept onto the road and began to run with me…. Ok so I saw a deer cross the road. So maybe I’m not quite there yet… But I can dream. So all and all a great morning run. What made the run even better was the post run dip in the lake. Nothing like dropping the shoes and going straight in. The cool water felt so good on my legs. Now if only I had my own lake in either my front or back yard. But I guess thats why they call this a vacation. I think getting a change of scenery can always help liven things up. After months of the same “scenery” while in Afghanistan I sure was ready to get my feet running in the good ol’ USA! Time to go cook up some hobo packs. Which by the way are not only a good camping food but also great fuel for the machine (depending on what you put in them).