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Hopefully just a small bump in the road…

I had my appointment today with Dr. Barrie at the Fayetteville Ortho Clinic to find out what needs to be done to fix my wrist. After reviewing my MRI and X-Ray results and trying to make my wrist do things I don’t think it’s supposed to do, to include a very loud pop, the good doctor informed me that not only do I have a TFCC tear but is disconnected from the head of the Ulna.

They scheduled me for surgery on September 30th. The procedure is an outpatient surgery which should only take around an hour for her to “tack” the TFCC back to my ulna and repair whatever else she finds in there that is messed up. I will have to wear a brace and splint that will completely immobilize my forearm, wrist, and hand for 6 weeks. Guess what just happens to be six weeks after my surgery… OBX. She said that if I take some time off right after the surgery to let the incision site heal a bit before I start running. Hopefully worse case I should only have to take a week off running. Even a bigger hopefully this doesn’t impact the big day six weeks later. But what this does do is put me out of the running for our October event… the Tuna 200 mile relay.
I ask the doctor about when I would be able to start lifting again and she told me that I would be able to get back to lifting sooner if I had broken my arm… I guess I won’t even be able to do something as simple as a push-up for about six months.
So on a good note we ran our four miles tonight around the neighborhood. I set my Garmin to view the current time while I ran. I wanted to see what kind of pace I kept without checking my pace as I ran. I was actually very surprised that I kept a pretty even pace for the entire run. My average pace ended being a 8:19 minute mile pace.