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Is it day 2 already????

A gentle ringing breaks the silence of slumber for two weary runners…. Oh wait that’s my alarm! Time to get up and get on the road. Today the “plan” calls for a three mile run. Since we haven’t landed any sponsors as of yet and must keep a day job it looks like an early morning run today. Someone isn’t a morning person… But we’ll keep that our little secret. This will be one interesting challenge we hope to successfully juggle. Training for a Marathon and the rest of life. We snap a little pre-run pic and then off we go. Luckily our subdivision offers a decent run route as long as you only plan on doing a few miles. Got our three miles in and felt yesterday’s leg workout along the way. I have been using body weight leg exercises to help keep my legs strong and hopefully prevent injury while not bulking up like I would if I used weighted exercises. The downside is Tuesdays run is always a joy, but I will say over time it gets better. Later today I’ll hit the gym for a chest workout but for now it’s time to shower, eat some breakfast, and get to work.