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It’s a wrap on week deuce!

So this mornings 9 mile LSD run brought an end to week 2. We went back to the Costal Carolina University’s campus to run again. The weather couldn’t have cooperated more with us. During the entire run it was overcast with a light breeze and 75 degrees. My attempt at pacing this week was a lot better. I managed to keep a 9:53 minute mile pace. I really never thought that keeping a slower pace than my goal race pace would be such a challenge. There will always be that part of me that wants to just step it out and see what I’m made of… And then there is the other somewhat wiser part that tells me ill never make it 26.2 miles at a sprint. This week we logged in 25 miles. Next week the miles actually drop back some to allow for recovery. Don’t worry folks, the following week it ramps right back up. So I was just thinking earlier that I’ve kind of been just touching on topics as they come up. I welcome any and all comments and/or question. Or I can just ramble on from day to day… Either way I’m going to blog away as the miles go. Just thought I’d open it up a little… As long as this doesn’t turn into Dr Phil or Dear Abby. So who else is out there training up for a race? I know Kelly and I aren’t the only ones… Or are we?