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It’s finally Friday!!!

Today is a great day for a few reasons. First, it’s Kelly and my sixth wedding anniversary! I’ve got to say I love that woman. It also happens to be a off day from running. Now you might be wondering why someone that loves running would also be excited about taking a day off… well I’ll tell you. I need it! Between work, life, and running… I’m smoked. I really need to rest up for the weekend long runs. It’s been a few days since I’ve been on here so let’s first catch up.

So we left off after last Sundays LSD run. Monday of course was another well needed day off. On Tuesday we ran our 3 miles around our neighborhood. Wednesday was the famous FRC Rite Aid run. We had to add a little to our normal route out there again to make it 6 miles. If you are sitting there reading this and telling yourself “Self, I really should go out and try this Rite Aid run I always hear so much about”, then I suggest you do it. You can run any distance you are comfortable with, the people are great, and it’s a great way to celebrate that halfway point of the work week. Now back to the story.

We finally catch back up to last night. After work Kelly met me up at Hendrick Stadium on Fort Bragg. Kelly did the track workout with FRC while I ran the stairs. I will admit that running the stairs is one of my favorite track workouts. I start off with a one mile warm up around the track. Then the fun begins. For ever following lap around the track I hit the stairs. That’s three flights up and three flights down. I do this for two miles and then an additional mile around just the track as a cool down. My cool down mile never ends up being much of a cool down as I always seem to try and push it out that last bit. Did I mention it was 90 degrees? Oh I left that out you said… sorry. There is nothing like conducting a great workout… want to make it even  more challenging? Do it in an oven!

Today we rest and prepare for 6 miles tomorrow and 12 miles on Sunday. The temperatures are supposed to be around 90 for both days. As of right now the plan is to do Saturdays run at night… and then wake up early and knock out the 12 miles on Sunday. I guess we will have to wait and see how the plan goes. I’ve replaced the bladder in my Nathan hydration vest with a Camelback bladder. I will have extra water, some pedialyte, and some snacks in the truck for post run. Hopefully I’ve learned something since last LSD run.