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It’s Monday and I got a package in the mail!

So after a nice trip to visit family in SC we got back home to a couple packages waiting at the front door. Kelly got a new pair of running shoes she had ordered and I got the Level 1 Training System from Eric Orton the author of “The Cool Impossible”, and coach of Christopher McDougall, author of “Born to Run”, developed a system to first strengthen the feet and then to condition the other supporting muscles used during running. The Training System includes a training wedge, two poles, and a DVD. Since today was an off day from running and “Leg Day” for strength training, I decided to try some of the foot strengthening exercises in between leg exercises. I did come to a realization that my feet need a lot of work. This has been caused by a lifetime of wearing shoes that do the work of my feet. Eric covers a detailed training progression in his book. The DVD just showed proper form for the exercises. This will be a regular topic of discussion here and I suggest something you add to your training program. Strength training will make or break a training program. Now there is a million options for strength training from lifting weights, crossfit, or body weight exercises. These will help prevent injuries and increase your performance. If weight loss is your goal then adding strength training will help your body be more efficient at burning fat. I will be adding those foot strengthening exercising to my routine. My next steps toward my marathon and a lifetime of natural running.