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Packing for training while traveling

So we just got done with our three mile run for the night. We ran a little later than we had planned due to attending the monthly meeting of Fayetteville Running Club. Our one time we get together and manage to not run. Today Suzy Goodwin gave a great presentation on preventing injury and effective running. It was a very informative class that any runner could take something away to improve their personal training program. This has been a topic I have spent the majority of the last 8 months studying and researching so it was really good to hear some additional information from a knowledgeable source. Then it was straight home to change and hit the road. I could definitely feel this weekends miles as I ran. I didn’t so much feel it in my leg muscles but in my feet. I might have over done it just a tad. I can tell I’m not as much of a mid foot striker as I need to be. Nothing an ice bath won’t help solve… or make you forget for a bit while your body parts are slowly freezing. I guess no more bonus miles for me for awhile. I need to learn to stick to the “plan”.

What I should be doing now instead of sitting here typing away at this old computer is packing. Tomorrow after my morning run I have to head off on a trip for work. That will put me living out of a suitcase and a hotel room for the next two weeks. Now I’m sure that doesn’t sound all that bad to the average Joe… but first off I can’t take my running partner with me, and two it adds some challenges to our Marathon training. So now I have to figure out what all I’ll need to take with me that I can shove in a suitcase to cover my running needs for two weeks and still have room for things like normal clothes. I guess I should leave the foam roller at the house for Kelly. I will be able to take some things with me like Physical Therapy bands and ball, GPS watch, IPod, headphones, hydration pack, body glide, GU packs, and at least two pairs of running shoes. Luckily for me my running clothes don’t take up much room. One of the many perks of short shorts! I have found some limited information on the Internet about running in the areas I will be staying. Hopefully the Hotel staff will be able to give me some advice to safe areas to run. Hopefully I won’t forget something I need… toothbrushes are easy to replace… finding a running shoe in a size 15 isn’t.