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So we’ve made it to the second rest day of the training week before we launch into some longer miles this weekend. It should be arms and abs in the gym today, but since I just found out I might have a torn ligament in my wrist… We will just call it a full day off. This is a good time to discuss how important rest and recovery is. This training injury will hopefully not impact my running at all but will have a big impact on my lifting. Could this have been avoided by incorporating more down time??? Was it an issue of improper form??? Either way I am in brace and will have to schedule an MRI on Monday. Best case I take a few weeks off from lifting… Worse case is surgery with months of recovery and physical therapy. Of course any injury is a big pain… In more ways than one, but it seems this year has been one injury after another. My body has gone through a lot in the last year. I quit smoking after 20 years… put on an extra 25 pounds of fat… joined the Fayetteville Running Club.. lost 40 pounds… and got myself a little closer to my physical fitness goals. During that time I had a bad sprain in my left baby cow (calf), a pulled hamstring, and now this wrist injury. When is a guy going to get a break. Well one thing these injuries have made me think a lot about is making sure I’m taking care of business outside of the gym and off the run routes. Rest, recovery, hydration, and the biggest of all challenges… a proper diet. Today’s bad new also came with some good news. I saw a dietiacian who performed a Lunar iDXA Body Composition Analysis on me. I was concerned that I was beginning to lose to much weight since I dropped below my goal weight of 240. A side effect of running 30 miles a week. Good news is that I am at a good weight for my height and build. It was crazy to see the results and find out the bottom line of your body makeup. Today I weighed in at 228lbs with 32lbs of fat, 10 lbs of bone, and 186lbs of lean muscle. My bodyfat percentage was at 14.7%. Another thing this test told me is my bone density is at the top of the chart for my age and gender. Guess drinking that milk helped. I understand the average runner isn’t going to go out at get scanned… I wouldn’t have myself if it wasn’t for it being available. But this validation of the last six months of hard worked helped ease the pain a bit of not knowing what’s the deal is with my wrist. Well if your still with me at this point and I haven’t bored you to tears… Listen to your body. Push yourself, but not till you break. I guess I’ll be reading up on how to properly fuel and feed instead of pumping iron for awhile. Fingers crossed I don’t have to get cut on.