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The journey continues

If it’s your first time to “It’s all about the miles,” then welcome! For those returning, I hope you like the changes made to the site, and I apologize for the extended hiatus. I originally created “It’s all about the miles” as a way of documenting my running and marathon training. Over time, it grew to include other aspects of health and fitness, including cycling, weight training, and my initial journey into intermittent fasting. 

So much has happened over the last three years, which partially accounts for my absence here. I retired from the Army, welcomed my son into our lives, moved the family, finished graduate school, changed careers, and so much more… you know, LIFE!

Throughout all that, I did very much miss writing but wanted to relook at what I was trying to accomplish with this site (other than the therapeutic aspect of journaling). I realized that I didn’t want to compartmentalize just one aspect of sharing my journey, as so many things contribute to our well-being. 

So as this journey continues, I plan on sharing not only about my health and fitness but also about many of the other issues we all face in life. After all, if life is a journey… it’s all about the miles!