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This doesn’t feel like hump day

Why is it impossible to pack for a trip and not feel like your forgetting something? Even times I’ve made a list (and checked it twice), I always have that daunting feeling like I’m forgetting something. I’m not personally a fan of living out of a suitcase… but trying to train while living out of a suitcase has to be another level. Just knowing that if I don’t pack it I go without it always drives me to over pack. Even when we go back country camping, I’ll hump 75lbs of stuff on my back just to make sure I have EVERYTHING I could possible need. One would think that 18 years in the Army would have made me a minimalist… nope I end up going by the motto “Two is one and one is none”. So lets see, running shoes… Check! Running shorts, shirts, and socks… Check! Garmin watch… Check! Hydration pack and GUs… Check! Normal people clothes… Check! I think I’ve got it all… who am I trying to fool. I’m sure I’m missing something! On a good note I was able to fit the 18 inch foam roller we have into my suitcase.

I will admit that one little thing that helped me pack so much is a nifty little contraption called the “Flip Fold”. I have always been a little OCD when it came to folding my T-Shirts so I ordered a couple so me and Kelly could enjoy folding T-Shirts together. After trying it out I’m in love with it.

Since I seem to have a plethora of running shirts it helps me fit them and my “normal people” T-Shirts in my drawer. Even my Team RWB shirt fell in love with the Flip-Fold! I wonder if Flip-Fold wants to sponsor a fledgling athlete?