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Time to taper!

First off I’d like to give a big congratulations to all the runners who completed their first Half and Full Marathons over the weekend. As fall is finally in full swing so is the race season. Kelly and I had the privilege to help at the City of Oaks Marathon in Raleigh, NC yesterday. Team Red, White, and Blue were out in full force manning one of the water stations on the course. I’m sure Kelly was more helpful than me since she handed out water and I just offered a few words of encouragement. FRC was also in full force out on the course both with runners and supporters. It was inspiring to see they people give everything to push their bodies across that finish line. I can only hope that next week my first Marathon is more on the inspiring side and less on the going to make it on YouTube video of funny marathon finishes side.

Today starts week 16 of our journey to OBX. Last night we ran 8 miles in the neighborhood to finish off the previous 15 weeks of training. This week we have three shorter distance run before we tackle the training run of all training runs. Well that is until I get a wild hair somewhere and attempt a longer distance. I’m sure after next Sunday, Kelly and I will have plenty of lessons learned and things we would do differently next time. As of right now I hope I can take full advantage of this taper and physically and mentally prepare for OBX.