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Training Day 10 and a little bit of reading

Day 10 draws to an end with FRC’s weekly Rite Aid run. Once again I took a wrong turn and went for a little longer run than planned. Not only that but I also started at a little to fast of a pace. This humidity is crazy and it’s kicking my butt. The run did put me over 500 miles for the year. I am still lacking some miles from my calf injury earlier this year. Once the mileage starts building up during this marathon training plan I’ll catch up in a hurry. So over the last few months I have been doing a bit of reading and wanted to share a few of the titles that I suggest for a good read. Some of them deal with Marathon training but others deal with becoming a better and stronger runner. They do not appear in any order and I’ve just put a little about the book. I don’t want to spoil the read for you. Hope you enjoy and get as much of them as I did.

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall – This book really got me interested in improving my running efficiency. I was hoping the book would go a little more into the bio mechanics of how we were “born to run”, but later I read the book by his coach, Eric Ortan, and that filled in the gaps this book left.

Danny Dreyer does a great job in his book on helping to fix many of the issues we face as runner by improper running techniques. He goes into the whole eastern “CHI” thing a little too much for me. But it was still an informative book.

A great book for someone wanting to train up for their first Marathon. Jeff Galloway recommends the Run, Walk, Run method for completing the 26.2 mile race. I have tried his method on 10 mile runs and was able to keep a great pace. Not sure if I’ll incorporate it for my Marathon but its still a good book.

This is the book that answered all my questions that I had when I finished reading born to run. Eric goes in great detail how to fix improper running form and gives some detailed training advice. This will be one I’ll be rereading several times. Hopefully some of his methods can help with some of my running flaws.
This book and Hal Higdon’s training plans are what Kelly and I are basing our Marathon Training Plan from. His book covers training guidance for beginners and experienced runners alike. A must read.

This was my latest read and I will definitely be going into this one some more. Dabby Abshire is the cofounder of Newton Running and has really done a great job in this book in laying down a path to more efficient and “natural” running. Another book I will be using to help me improve my technique.