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Training day 3 and the weekly Rite Aid FRC Run

Oh how time flies… it’s hard to believe that we already finished day 3 of our training plan. Just think, we still have 122 days until OBX. I guess that’s what the cool kids are calling the Outer Banks Marathon. Today was back day in the gym and then we met up at the Rite Aid in Fayetteville for the weekly Fayetteville Running Club Run there. For those of you that haven’t made it out for this run let me paint you a little picture…. the course is a little over a five mile, through a nice neighborhood, up and down some “nice” hills, and then back to Rite Aid. There is several other versions of this route one could possibly take. Let’s say that someone just came back from Afghanistan and the last time they ran the routes it was winter and dark out when he used to run the routes. This person might say… take the wrong turn… and maybe end up running a little longer than planned. If any of you are worried at this point he is ok. He only ended up running six miles instead of the planned route. When all was said and done it was a good run. Kelly also enjoyed the run, but I think she was digging it so much because of the after effects of working out legs with me on Monday. Air squats and lunges have a way of doing that. Tomorrow should be another exciting day in Marathon Training land. The “Plan” calls for a three mile run and I’ve got Shoulders and Traps in the gym. On that note it’s time for bed.