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Tuesday nights alright for Running!

So no poop, there I was… wearing my short shorts, a bright orange shirt, my Garmin Forerunner 310X, and my Merrells. It was 2100hrs (9pm for those of us who don’t like math) and off we went for our 3 mile run. One would think that at such a late hour it wouldn’t feel so hot… but it did. Tuesday’s runs are always a nice break. After all the miles over the weekend and then Monday’s Leg Workout it’s nice to just shake things out with a shorter jaunt. I’ve been noticing that my legs aren’t as sore as they should be which tells me it’s time to shake things up a little bit in the strength training department. Legs and Abs are the only the body parts I’m working out while I wait to have my MRI on my wrist. Even with this little set back in my training I don’t want it to effect my running. I’m sure it will effect my beach appeal but I’m not really to worried about it. Kelly’s crazy about me and I notice her checking me out all the time. So back to the running… I played around with my pace a little bit. The first mile I just did an easy warm up, and then ramped it up a little for the second. The third and final mile I kicked it in trying to keep my “5K Race Pace” for the whole mile. This Saturday, Fort Bragg MWR is hosting their monthly “Free Family 5K” on post. It is a timed, but not chipped event. We are going to run it and I am hoping to get a “PR” (Personal Record). This will probably be one of the last 5K’s I run before the Marathon. If you live around the Fort Bragg area I strongly suggest you come out to Hendrick Stadium at 8am on Saturday, July 27th. Well it’s time to call it a night. Go run!!! I’m going to bed!!!