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Weekly Update for 6/3/19

Good morning! or whatever it more fitting when you are reading this. Just wanted to jump on here and give a little update on some things going on in my journey. As some of you might know I am working on finishing my undergrad degree and about to start the second to last term. I cannot wait to get this finished and behind me. It is not the going to school part that gets me it is the I cannot believe that I waited so long to finish my degree. We all like to make up cute little excuses on why we put off doing something we know we need to do and then later down the road we kick ourselves in the butt for doing it. When you figure out a way to avoid that part of the viscous little cycle then please let me know.

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            In other news, Kelly and I have decided to try intermittent fasting (or as a friend of mine put it… skipping breakfast) for eight weeks. I am not looking at this as some magic weight loss strategy but more for improvements in areas like sleep, memory, and digestive health. If it helps with maintaining a healthy weight then you will not hear me complaining either. I will let you do the research for yourself but after doing some of my own I am going to give it a shot for a couple of months and see.

            My workouts have been for the most part regular in the gym. My running has been also except for skipping a run from time to time due to competing priorities. I signed up for the Army Ten-miler again this year and am looking forward to another great event. I figured since this will be my last year on Active Duty in the Army, I should do it. We will be taking the train up and spending the entire weekend in DC.