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Welcome to Week Four!

It is now 103 Days will the OBX Marathon and 40 Days till the Harrisburg Half Marathon (but who’s counting). This week we have added a 10K race in place of a 6 mile pace run. We might feel it a bit more on Sundays 11 mile LSD run. Today we switched up our leg workout by alternating timed sets of Air Squats and Step-Ups. Then a quick Abs workout to finish things off. My calves are still thanking me for this weekends activities. I hope to have eliminated all heel striking prior to OBX. I would love to hear from other runners out there that are planning to run OBX and what they are doing to train. If your thinking OBX might be calling you… you still have 15 weeks to train up for it. I’ll go ahead and leave the link here for you.